California’s Top Industries For Workers’ Compensation Injuries

workers compensation injuriesWhen on the job, you don’t expect to be injured. However, the chances of this happening may be quite high. In California, several industries have high rates of worker injuries. These include direct care workers such as nurses and day care personnel, messengers and delivery people, airline employees such as mechanics, flight attendants, and baggage handlers, and those in the woodworking industry, such as loggers. In many situations, these employees file workers compensation claims for their injuries. However, since this process is complex, it’s best to work with Ventura worker compensation attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to handle these cases.

Hospital and Day Care Workers

In these occupations, workers can suffer numerous injuries. These can include strains and sprains from moving patients to and from their beds, and even fractures or broken bones from hostile patients or from tripping over toys in a day care center.

Messengers and Delivery People

Whether it’s a courier on a bicycle or a delivery person driving a van, an Olympic workers compensation attorney knows various injuries can occur. The most common include fractures and broken bones from being struck by passing vehicles, as well as strains and sprains from lifting heavy objects.

Airline Workers

In this industry, common injuries include strains and sprains from handling heavy cargo, as well as punctures and cuts, contusions, and broken bones. On average, six out of 100 workers are injured on the job.


Since these workers are exposed to heavy and dangerous equipment, and also regularly carry large and heavy items, common injuries include sprains and strains, broken bones and fractures, cuts and puncture wounds, and contusions.

If you file a workers compensation claim to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, it’s important to contact workers compensation attorneys Los Angeles residents can trust, such as the Law Offices of Steven Sobo.

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