Stress-Related Work Injuries: Are They Covered?

stress relatedWhen many people think of injuries associated with workers’ compensation, they assume an employee must suffer a serious physical injury, such as falling off a ladder, broken bones, or loss of a limb. However, other injuries may be covered under workers’ compensation, including stress-related injuries. While they may be more difficult to prove, it is not impossible to receive benefits for these injuries. However, it’s always best to hire a knowledgeable Los Angeles county workers compensation attorney with experience in these matters, such as Steven M. Sobo.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Due to the medical community today recognizing the connection between stress and physical illnesses, many states will accept workers’ comp claims for employees suffering from PTSD. However, in most circumstances, it must be proven the PTSD was brought about by a sudden, traumatic event, such as being robbed at gunpoint on the job, or perhaps being a victim in a mass shooting. But even in these situations, it can be difficult to win a case. For example, California law requires employees to prove working conditions were at least 51 percent to blame for their emotional and psychological injuries, so always hire a skilled Orange County workers compensation attorney in these matters.

Work-related Physical Injuries

When an employee can show they developed certain emotional or mental issues due to work-related physical injuries, they often stand a much better chance of receiving workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if a work-related physical injury led to anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders, these are usually considered “compensable consequences” of the injury, and are deemed acceptable for compensation.

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