Contracting an Occupational Illness or Disease

Workers' Compensation Lawyers Los Angeles

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Los Angeles

An occupational illness is a disease that is contracted from work or the working conditions. It can also be considered when the worker’s medical condition has developed over time due to exposures in the workplace, however, there must be a relation between the disease and the exposure. Illnesses such as allergies that are triggered by allergens in the workplace, asthma because of hazardous substances, as well as tennis elbow from repetitive motion in the arm or lifting heavy items or using the arms high above your shoulder length. For any sort of illness or disease to be compensated, however, must be recognized as an industrial injury. The disease or exposure could be listed on the occupational hazard list. If it is not on that list, the Occupational Diseases Committee could still state, if they recommend, that is it highly likely that the disease was caused by factors inside the workplace.

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