Do I need to visit a Primary Treating Physician when I am injured at work?

injured at workYou cannot always prevent accidents from occurring at work. However, you can make sure that an employer doesn’t ignore your plight and compensates you fairly. This is why it is important to learn more about how your doctor and an attorney tie into the worker’s compensation claim process.

What to Do After a Workplace Injury

First, if you are injured you should always report the workplace accident to your employer. Then, contact an attorney and start the process of filing a claim for worker’s compensation. Your employer and an insurance claims representative must also participate to complete this process. In California, you have five years to pursue a case.

In addition to worker’s comp, you may be eligible to file a civil lawsuit against whoever caused your injury. The most common guideline is to file a claim immediately after the accident and injury occur. If you are eligible to file a lawsuit, contact an attorney to assist and increase your chances of getting compensation.

The Importance of a Primary Treating Physician

It is crucial to visit a primary treating physician because they will be able to evaluate your injury and let you know how serious it is. A knowledgeable doctor will also be able to recommend the treatment you should take. This professional plays a central role in creating the medical documents needed to receive worker’s compensation.

Contacting a Los Angeles County Workers Compensation Attorney

An attorney makes sure that you receive the compensation you deserve. You need coverage for medical bills that have piled up since the start of the accident. You also need benefits for a short-term or long-term disability. There are other options, like physical rehabilitation and death benefits, that an attorney is able to explain.

Being injured on the job is not the same as being injured at home. Your employer is responsible for covering your bills through worker’s compensation, so there are different legal steps to take. The doctor is the first professional to contact before an attorney.

You need to start compiling medical evidence that an Orange County workers compensation attorney needs to present in court. Contact the Law Offices of Steven M Sobo to get assistance for your workplace injury.

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